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Custom naming for controls

Hi there,
New to mGear and founding it pretty awesome. Quick question, is there a way to change the naming of the controls? I think I could do it by a Post script but wonder if it’s possible to have different naming.

Hello @Javis

Currently there is nothing on the construction side that will allow you to customize this and propagate to all components and nodes in a nice way. It’s on our todo list for a little while for now but nobody has tackle this.

You can nevertheless go for a custom post script for this of course.

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Thanks for your reply @Jerome. If I go for custom post scripts to rename components, Synoptic still work? I haven’t look too deep yet but I assume it’s using some metadata method?

Well you can always customize your own synoptic picker to adjust to your control names. There are some videos in our youtube channel explaining how to do so.

I also added on previews releases support for style sheets which allows creating even more different pickers like this one.

You can download it here

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The link expired can you re-share?