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Eye rig problem

I’m using mgear 3.3.1
and i have a problem with eye rigger
I have this model which eye rigger in position and blinking works perfectly except one joint
which is fine but the main problem happens when i’m trying to use control shapes and this happens

what should i do in order to fix this?

after more than 2 hours of playing with node editor i managed to fix this problem with setting eye_L_lowBlink_crv value in every wire node in drop of distance part to 10
I think these values should be set based on model size

so is this a bug?

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I always crank up my dropoff distance to 100 on every wire deformer, including in the lips. I haven’t found a time where it ever needs to be less.

After you increase the dropoff, does your blink close more properly? Or is that still a problem?

the eye closes perfectly after cranking up every wire deformer to 10

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I slightly modify code, added “Top Corner” and “Bot Corner” fields in “Eye Rigger” tab in “Facial Rigger” window.
This allow to rig closed eyes.
Probably this “optional” option will help someone else. =)