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FBX Export / Game Tools


@hoover900 oh sorry, the beta only include the windows compiled solvers. You can copy the platforms folder from old mgear to the beta. That should fix the issue (I guess :stuck_out_tongue: )


@Miquel, no worries man. I’ve yet to try to build the solvers on OS X. I’ll get scons and what nots setup on the mac as well as write up a guide.

k on to the testing bit. Even without using the uniform joints or disconnecting the bind rig from the control rig the scales are exporting one to one to FBX. I did have maya crash abruptly when poking at the game tools window like it did in Miquel’s above video. Other than that what little I poked at seems to be working as expected. I’ll continue testing and post any issues I find to the forum.


I wonder if this crash in related to Maya or the windows. At less in Maya 2018.2 I have lots of crash just creating a new scene.

So that means that to shearing issues with scale are fix?


I’ve yet to have maya crash when creating a new scene. Most of my crashes come from the timeline editor or the pose editor.

As for the shearing issue I’m no longer getting it when nonuniformally scaling. I used the rig I sent you as my test case. Updated the guide and rebuilt the rig and all looks to be good. Thanks man.


@hoover900 I am happy to hear that! :slight_smile:


Cool, it is so nice to see there are some changes for game export stuff. I’ll be testing out the beta as soon as I find some free time!