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How to attach 3 arm

Hi, I’m new, could you help me with a question?
Please, I’m desperate :pray:

1) How can he add 3 hands using a ready-made template?
2) If I use Manager and take my hand from there, then where do I get my fingers? 

Take an existing template, and just use the “Duplicate” command from the mGear menu. This will make another hand, with all the components and connections you need. You can duplicate an entire arm if you need.

Then you can parent it under the component you want.

If you do that, you will likely also need to duplicate a new armUI host control, and make sure to set it in the new hand’s host options. If you don’t, the armUI host will control both hands.

You might also have to adjust the space switches in the ikRef section of the settings, to make sure it follows the things you want it to follow.


We duplicated, attached, and assigned a new host. When building, bones from 1 brush appear and are attached to other bones

Are you willing to upload and share your guide? You don’t need to include any geometry.

Here is my guide: DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service
I tried using different templates.
I often come across the fact that when building, bones do not appear on the 3rd hand, but only controllers.

I think it has to do with the “Joints Naming Rule” in your guide settings. Since there is not enough definition in your naming rules, you end up with naming conflicts.

Currently, you have this from the EPIC template: {description}{side}

Resetting to default fixes it: {component}_{side}{index}_{description}_{extension}

But the problem is that will change all your joint names.

I’m not familiar enough with the new joint naming rules. Maybe there is a way to change the rules just for one limb, so you don’t need to change the rest of the rig. But I don’t know, sorry. Maybe someone else knows.

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