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Installation Issues -missing GUi?


Hey folks really cool tool. I just found out about it on Friday. Installed 3.2 on 2018. Cant seem to get the gui on the side to appear, and the other modeling-animation submenus from Shifter. Did you guys remove this in 3.2? Im watching installation videos from you and others(followed it) and dont seem to have a full install. Thanks.


Hey Brandon_perlow
I read your two questions and hope to help you.
Mgear added the New Guide manager in 3.0.3, which is the Guide UI of the previous docking sidebar.

The release log can be found here
The installation method is very simple, just copy the path of the corresponding version number mgear folder that you extracted out to the environment variable of Maya (windows)
After the successful installation is complete, you can see the mgear menu. All the ribbon menus are under Maya’s mgear menu.

good luck!


Thanks! This is what I see when I installed it. So I was just concerned when I saw a different set of menus on the youtube tutorials. This was a noticeable change!