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Is it possible to change the pivot position of a controller?

Hi, for my foot It is visually functional to have the pivot point of the foot-IK sitting at the Ball, not the Ankle. This should be a permanent/fixed edit, from rigging point of view, not something animators should be able to adjust later on. I crudely tried to adjust this control-pivot, which works fine. By resetting to bindpose through synoptic, however, it also resets the pivot. Is what I want possible? Might there be a cleaner way to achieve this?
As alternative I have manually put a parent-controller above it but then it would destroy the IK/FK-switching, me thinks…

as i understand you want the controller to be visual out of the way. since controller are curves, just grab the control points in component mode and move it where you like to have it…

Hi Soulcage

Actually I want the transform manipulator to sit on the newly chosen position. So indeed: Change the pivotposition. I am aware I can alter the shape-node, which is of course ridiculously easy, but that’s not here what I am after. Especially for rotation a well chosen pivotpoint makes all the difference.

you could use custom controllers and parent constrain the rig controllers to the custom ones…
or setting up your guide to use space switches…

That was mentioned in my openingpost, to create custom ones above. Of which I fear it would destroy the FK/IK-switching. Hence my question (please bear with me) if this pivot point could be re-adjusted within the controller itself. An added space switch would just add a space switch and not alter the pivot position of my controller, as far as i know

The IK/FK match uses some internal object to match the position. I think the extension is “_mth” I guess if you only adjust the pivot on the normal controles this will create an offset.

I never tried to adjust pivots like you trying. So be ready for the unexpected :stuck_out_tongue:

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