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Is there any way to drive scale attributes in the RBF manager?

Hi, I’m traying to use RBF manager to drive some corrective joints in the elbow and wrist of my character, and I see that there are problems if I add the scale attributes to be driven. Is there any posibility that in the future we can add and drive the scale attributes? I belive that in this kind of situations would be very useful.

Thanks a lot!


Scale attrs should currently be supported. Are you getting an error?

While allowed, the support is a bit unideal as the weightDriver node(I believe RBF’s in general) can evaluate to 0, or below 1, while between poses. And this can lead to undesired effects.

But let us know if you are getting errors.

Hi, thanks for your fast answer.

I don’t have an error exactly, it’s just that the controls that I want to drive “disappear” when I rotate the driver control to create a pose, as you can see in the images that I add.

I’m doing a different setup for the elbow without adding the scale attributes (although I would like to add them too) and in that case I’m not having any issue.

I also add the setup image in case I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks again and sorry if I’m not more specific but I’m an animator and my rigging skills are very limited :sweat_smile:

I see what is going on

It’s scaling the control’s driven group to 0.

Is that correct or is there any way to fix it?

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On your driven poses (lower half of the screen) you will have to set the scales to 1 instead of 0 (you are not showing that part, but I assume that’s what’s going on). If you are setting them manually, make sure you hit File / Re-evaluate nodes for it to pick up those changes.


It worked!! I just have to tweak the poses and skinning and I believe that is working fine.

Thanks a lot Iker!

And thanks to all mGear team members for this amazing tools!