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mGear 3.0.3 available


mGear 3.0.3 is available to download:


  • Big thanks to the mGear dev team Jerome and Rafael!
  • Also big thanks to Ingo, Sergei, Charles, Marcus and all the people that are sharing open source projects and helping mGear to be much more complete and robust.
  • Very special thanks to for his amazing support to mGear.
  • Last but no lest BIG thanks to all the people that help to mGear development by reporting bugs, sending a pull request and participating on the mGear forum. Keep it coming! :smiley:

New Features

  • Flex: Flex is the mGear models (geometry) update tool inside rigs.
  • Shifter: Build Rig from file
  • Shifter: Game Tools, for decouple deform and control rig
  • Shifter: Guide Relative placement
  • Shifter: Guide serialization to json
  • Shifter: New Guide manager
  • Shifter: Serialized Diff Tool
  • Shifter: Serialized Guide Explorer
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Chain FK spline with variable IK controls
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Chain IK spline with variable FK controls
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Chain Stack
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: shoulder_02
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Spine FK
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Tangent_spline_01
  • Shifter_classic_components: New Component: Whip chain
  • Braverabbit weight driver is now include

Please check the release log and the youtube 3.0 playlist for more information about the new features

NOTE: Maya 2019 is supported, but only windows solvers have been compiled. If you compile the OSX or Linux version, Please share it with us and we will add it to the distribution package :slight_smile:

Happy rigging!


Viva :clap: :grinning:
Thx for Maya 2019 Windows support

Gracias Miquel y cada persona que junto a ti evoluciona mGear.

hi miquel,

just installed v3.0.3 for maya 2017+ and the maya-math-nodes plugin wont load, “initializePlugin function could not be found” error…
is there something missing? what are this math-nodes for? (building the biped template rig seems to work…)

@soulcage Here is more info about the math notes from Serguei:

You don’t need it for the shifter rigs, but is a great resource for any rig :wink:

Btw the Shifter Components window (shifter guide manager) now is dockable via (Workspace control) :ok_hand: if you have a single monitor or many monitors but your Maya is over-crowded with floating windows, then Shifter will blend beautifully with Maya main layout.

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Thank you Miquel! I’ve just used the new version of mGear to rig a character and it is working nicely.

Aiuto! I can’t load this version in maya 2018 OSX Mojave 10.14.2 :expressionless:
Here’s the report:

# Error: Unable to dynamically load : /Users/elvis75k/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2018/mgear_3.0.3/platforms/2018/osx/x64/plug-ins/mgear_solvers.bundle
dlopen(/Users/elvis75k/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2018/mgear_3.0.3/platforms/2018/osx/x64/plug-ins/mgear_solvers.bundle, 1): Symbol not found: __ZN7MPxNode10forceCacheER10MDGContext
  Referenced from: /Users/elvis75k/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2018/mgear_3.0.3/platforms/2018/osx/x64/plug-ins/mgear_solvers.bundle
  Expected in: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2018/
 in /Users/elvis75k/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2018/mgear_3.0.3/platforms/2018/osx/x64/plug-ins/mgear_solvers.bundle # 
# Error: dlopen(/Users/elvis75k/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2018/mgear_3.0.3/platforms/2018/osx/x64/plug-ins/mgear_solvers.bundle, 1): Symbol not found: __ZN7MPxNode10forceCacheER10MDGContext
  Referenced from: /Users/elvis75k/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2018/mgear_3.0.3/platforms/2018/osx/x64/plug-ins/mgear_solvers.bundle
  Expected in: /Applications/Autodesk/maya2018/
 in /Users/elvis75k/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2018/mgear_3.0.3/platforms/2018/osx/x64/plug-ins/mgear_solvers.bundle (mgear_solvers) #

v2.6.1 is working just fine (changing maya module path)

i’m lost

@elvis75k Can you try to copy the old mgear_solver.bundle from 2.6.1 in the 3.0.3 corresponding folder? Should be the same, because there is no changes in the solvers.

@Miquel Thanks, it does work now :slight_smile:

I’m having an error trying to open up the menu for 3.03:

// Error: SyntaxError: file C:/Users/acarvalho/Documents/maya/2018/scripts\mgear\shifter\ line 4: invalid syntax //

When I go to the file using pycharm, nothing is lit up. This is the line:
from . import guide_template, mocap_tools, game_tools, io

Hi @Alicia

Is that the only error log? are other modules having errors?

For the path that I see in the log, I guess you copied the files to scripts folder. Is it possible that something is missing?

PD: Please start a new topic under “support” catergory to report this kind of issue :slight_smile: Thanks


NOTE: This is a general note for everybody.
If there is any error using mGear. Please report it in a new topic under “Support” Category. So later is easy to find to other users if they have similar issue :wink:

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Sorry Miquel, I’ll repost under the support category

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Hey folks,

I’m curious as to why 3.0.3 is only 2016.5+ now? Is this because of the inclusion of the weightDriver inclusion? I’m looking to use mGear on a project for 2016, so was just wondering if I could get the latest mGear to work if I just fix some dependencies?

Thanks for the awesome work :slight_smile:

usually we support only the Maya version that we are using in production. But yes should be easy to adjust it to work with Maya 2016
did you try it with Maya 2016? what is failing?

Hi guys!
In Ollin VFX we compile the missing solvers for Maya 2019, Linux x64 and want to share with you!
Thanks for all!


Hi Fidel,

Can you please explain what you compiled? What OS? What Maya version? Are you replying to any specific problem in this thread?

Hi Chris!
Oh yes haha sorry
Maya 2019 on linux x64