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mGear 3.4.0 is available!

The new release is available!

Big thanks to @Jerome and @Justin_Pedersen!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the moment Maya 2020 only has the solvers compiled on Windows and Linux. OSX solvers are not available yet


New Features

  • Anim Picker: New Animation Picker [anim_picker#2]
  • mGear_core: mGear viewport menu [mgear_core#38]
  • Rigbits: SDK Manager [rigbits#42]
  • Shifter_classic_components: SDK manager special component [shifter_classic_components#75]


Happy Rigging!


Great news, i have to test it as soon as possible!

What is the SDK manager exactly?
What does SDK stand for?

set driven key = SDK :wink:

Nice guys! Congrats.

Loving the new features.

The new viewport menu looks super useful.

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Looks very good. Congrats with the release…
I hardly dare to ask but… could the guide itself for building this Dino-rig, with which you show the features, be made available for studying and reference? It looks like a very well-balanced example. If not so, i’d completely understand

This new animPicker is actually insane, started laughing when I saw the transparency slider demo. Is it weird to say I’m looking forward to my next rig rebuild?

Wow, the anim picker and the overlay menu look awesome! Thank you!

Hi Miquel! Do you have an estimated date of compilation of Mac OS plugins?

I don’t have access to Mac OS so I don’t know. I hope someone can help with it

Thanks Miquel! It was about which version of mGear to use because we are starting production and the studio only use mac os for animation. I never compiled before plugins. Will try.

We have Mac OS solvers up to Maya 2019.

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