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mGear 3.4.0 is available!


The new release is available!

Big thanks to @Jerome and @Justin_Pedersen!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the moment Maya 2020 only has the solvers compiled on Windows and Linux. OSX solvers are not available yet


New Features

  • Anim Picker: New Animation Picker [anim_picker#2]
  • mGear_core: mGear viewport menu [mgear_core#38]
  • Rigbits: SDK Manager [rigbits#42]
  • Shifter_classic_components: SDK manager special component [shifter_classic_components#75]


Happy Rigging!



Great news, i have to test it as soon as possible!

What is the SDK manager exactly?
What does SDK stand for?


set driven key = SDK :wink:


Nice guys! Congrats.

Loving the new features.

The new viewport menu looks super useful.


Looks very good. Congrats with the release…
I hardly dare to ask but… could the guide itself for building this Dino-rig, with which you show the features, be made available for studying and reference? It looks like a very well-balanced example. If not so, i’d completely understand


This new animPicker is actually insane, started laughing when I saw the transparency slider demo. Is it weird to say I’m looking forward to my next rig rebuild?


Wow, the anim picker and the overlay menu look awesome! Thank you!