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Mgear 3.6.0 maya 2019.3 linux

I have problem in specified configuration.

After creating guide build process is not completed it stops with message:
= BUILDING RIG ==============================================
Initial Hierarchy
# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "/home/mirkoj/maya/modules/scripts/mgear/shifter/", line 62, in build_from_selection
#     rg.buildFromSelection()
#   File "/home/mirkoj/maya/modules/scripts/mgear/shifter/", line 192, in buildFromSelection
#   File "/home/mirkoj/maya/modules/scripts/mgear/shifter/", line 217, in build
#     self.initialHierarchy()
#   File "/home/mirkoj/maya/modules/scripts/mgear/shifter/", line 338, in initialHierarchy
#     "circle", w=10)
#   File "/home/mirkoj/maya/modules/scripts/mgear/shifter/", line 505, in addCtl
#     self.add_controller_tag(ctl, None)
#   File "/home/mirkoj/maya/modules/scripts/mgear/shifter/", line 558, in add_controller_tag
#     self.model.attr("rigCtlTags[{}]".format(str(ni))))
#   File "/usr/autodesk/maya2019/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pymel/core/", line 2003, in attr
#     res = self._attr(attr, checkShape)
#   File "/usr/autodesk/maya2019/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pymel/core/", line 504, in _attr
#     nameTokens = nameparse.getBasicPartList('dummy.' + attr)
#   File "/usr/autodesk/maya2019/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pymel/util/", line 1541, in getBasicPartList
#     getParts(MayaObjectName(name))
#   File "/usr/autodesk/maya2019/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pymel/util/", line 374, in __new__
#     result = newcls.classparse(value, debug=debug)
#   File "/usr/autodesk/maya2019/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pymel/util/", line 148, in classparse
#     result = cls.classparser().parse(data, debug=debug)
#   File "/usr/autodesk/maya2019/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pymel/util/", line 593, in parse
#     return self.parser.parse(data, lexer=self.lexer, **kwargs)
# AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'parse'

Works fine under windows. Tried in clear guide as well just import guide and build. |
Any ideas?

Hi, mirkoj. Does this happens only with specified guides you have or it happens to all guides?

all, even if I just import sample guide and try to build right away, no editing at all. Works fine in maya but on my linux machine, no luck

I’m on Linux machine. I’ll check it later.

Just installed version 3.6 and In my case it works fine. I’m on Centos 7.8 . It looks like PyMel Attribute error and the Shifter stops working after this line :
Can you check it with some print command? Without having that problem is quite difficult to find the it.

no tsure how exactly to check?
I’m on Pop OS, that is ubuntu based.

It seems like a fairly generic thing going wrong here. The final error seems to mean that newcls.classparser() is showing up as None instead of as a class. That could be a Linux PyMEL bug, or possibly mGear.

  1. First, have you tried with fresh preferences just to eliminate any strange bugs in your setup? (back up your preferences first.)
  2. Right after you get the error, what happens if you try running this code? If your rig’s top group is not called “rig”, make sure to change it.
import pymel.core as pm

model = pm.PyNode('rig')

You should get a result like this in your script output. Or more precisely, you might get an error, and that might hint at what the problem is.


@mirkoj, as you say your distro is Pop! In order to install Maya on this distro you need to convert RPMs to DEB. Maybe you could try to reinstall you Maya with fresh converted Deb?
Officially Autodesk only supports RHEL/Centos.
My suggestion will be to use Centos 7 instead of Deb based distros.

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yea well I was trying with centos and fedora and always ruing in ton of other i issues.
pop os figures to be perfect distro fro me except maya issues hre and there. but everything else works great, blender, houdini… everything… so maya bugs from now and then are small price for much better dfdistro then centos or fedora.
with centos I was never ablw to properly install nvidia drivers, no matter what tutorial I followed, always some errors. and naother tutor taht installs min and then run all… managed to get nvidia drivers but a lot of other things didnt work at all so… in short… pop os is distro for me.

Would be great if this would work nicely there as well. Iwas planing fresh reinstall of pop os as wlel as I was doing tone of testing and messup so wills ee how it goes after that.

@mirkoj I don’t know if you already have tried kmod-nvidia drivers from EL Repo repository. I’m on Centos 7 since it first release and I’m using this drivers and never have had problems. It’s very easy to install. After importing the repository you just need to execute yum install kmod-nvidia and that’s it. It deactivates permanently nouveau and installs nvidia drivers. Btw Fedora is no longer supported by Autodesk , only Centos/RHEL.