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Support for Blur Spline

Hi There

Blur has a nice spine Solver which has pretty good reviews from our animators.

Any chance of officially supporting this at Mgear?



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i compiled it for 2018. no big deal.
the builder script has sevaral functions that helps implementing it in mgear (i think).
(realized that theres a typo in the builder script).
i am not a developer, but i would try to make a mgear component of it. what i have to research is how to implement squash and stretch on the joints…
but i am still on 2.5.x because the component structure there is more familiar for me…
maybe a mgear developer would be much faster in implementing this…

Yes we can add it and vendor it with the next mGear release. The licesnse MIT like mGear

Just did a fork now:

I will check it ASAP