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2019.1 support?


Hi there!
After using 3.2 in maya 2019 for a while , I update maya to 2019.1.
But mGear is missing since then. Dose mGear 3.2 suppot 2019.1 version?
Thanks for answering!



We have it running here with 2019.1 with no issues.
Have you updated the maya.env file?


Hi oglu,
Thanks for replying!
Just solved the issue by fixing the mGear script folder full path to “all english”.
It contained some none english character and “!” in folder path. (2019 reads them but not 2019.1 , strange!)
Thanks for your help again.
By the way, I’m using mGear to rig 20+ dinosaurs in my next VR project. It’s so great!