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3.2.0 install not working



i am trying to install it on maya 2018, sp5 but no luck

i am following this tutorial which is very simple but no luck - no menus appear after relaunching maya

Win 10, 64 bit

Any help?

Also: ist 3.2.0 the last build? i am also specially interested in the facial Gui new components…

Thank you


Is this the link you used to download it?, not the source code one.

I remember once, when I first installing it, I downloaded a version from the wrong link, and I think it might have been the source code. It didn’t have the mod file or something…

Also, can you paste the contents of your Maya.env here just to verify?


Hi chris,

i downloaded the correct zip file with all the files

2018\CBS\plugin_2018;c:\Users\Actor\Documents\maya\2018\plug-ins;F:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Autodesk\Maya\Facial Animation Toolset 2018\GM\plugin_2018;D:/Files/Apps/3D/Maya/scripts/rigging and setup related\tx_stickyController/tx_stickyPoint/universal

thank you for your help



Not Maya_Module_Path (maybe. I actually don’t know if it is case-sensitive.)

Also, you have declared “Maya_Module_Path” twice. Once for Mocapx. I am not sure what happens when you do that. The first one might get overwritten. Or maybe the first one takes precedence.

Also… it seems you have a newline before the last line in the file. All those paths with semi-colons between them. I don’t know, but I assume they all need to be on one line, and you should have a semi-colon after mGear and before those other lines.

So, again. I am not sure. But those are 3 things that could be interfering.


Hi Chris,

great !

MAYA_MODULE_PATH solved the problem

Do you know if the facial gui components discussed here are already in the last build?