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3 joint leg component does not work off world axis


Hi all,
I’m rigging a quadrupedal robot with legs angled at 45°, however it seems that the 3 joint leg component doesn’t work unless it is aligned with a world axis.
My solution for now is to change the model and have a post build step rotate the legs into the desired configuration.
Has anyone else ran into a similar problem, is there a better solution?


Never mind, it works if I switch from IK spring to RP.


Maya’s spring solver is just “terrible” It has many issues and limitations. And if you check the code, you will see that every build need to check the position against the guide position to be sure is not 180-degree flip. Because yep! it randomly flips at creation time :frowning:

I want to create a custom 3 bones solver for mGear, so we don’t need to use spring solver. (just need 72hr days :stuck_out_tongue: )