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3 leg joint IK for quadruped


Hello gentlemen,

mGear is awesome! Thank you for making such a great tool.
I am rigging a coyote with the leg_3jnt_01 build.
The back legs deform correctly.
However I can’t get the front legs to deform as shown in the image.

Is there a way to get this limb deformation?

Kind regards,



Hello @Shinan

Normally you have a leg_C0_roll_ctl control that is meant to help you get to that type of pose. That control is a child of the Ik control.

Let me know if this helps. Maybe @Miquel can explain it better :smiley:



Thank you Jerome.
That did the trick.

One more question.
Is it possible to remove the three or four extra joints?
This rig is meant to be used in unreal engine and doesn’t need all that bendy deformation.



@Shinan yep it is correct what @Jerome said. Just FYI the leg was designed following strict instruction from the animation director in my previous company and he has lots of experience with quadrupeds. But… I didn’t use it in production for a long time. So maybe (100% sure) there still bugs and limitation to brush up