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3jnt leg divisions


Hi! When I set 3jnt leg component divisions to 1 1 1, I still have minimum 2 bones in each segment of the leg. Now I’ll cry out loud from the hearts of, I sure, many people :slight_smile: - we REALLY need a possibility to set 1 bone per segment - it’s necessary for optimization in game engines as Unity and Unreal, especially if its mobile game with lowpoly models. Now when we have great 2bones 2jnt arm and leg, please, PLEASE make our life easier one more time with fixing this 3jnt leg component! :slight_smile:


In the meantime, with a quick test, it seems you can just reparent the hierarchy using just those 4 bones you want (3 + the end joint) And then delete the extra joints. The rig seems to operate just fine without them.

(Except the roundness attributes will no longer do what you expect them to.)


Thanks Chris! I’ll try this workaround