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A bug with trying to use blendshape for elbows

I’m sure I’m missing something here and it’s my general lack of understanding of all this but I just couldn’t figure it out on my own. I have a corrective blendshape for elbows, which work fine on their own until I rotate the arm in X direction. I’m not sure what exactly I’m doing wrong so help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Blur the gif is too small to see anything :stuck_out_tongue:
what are you using to connect the blendshape driver? the control? or the joints?

Oh oops, I don’t know what happened with the gif. Sorry about that but here:

Blendshape is connected to the joint as a set driven key. To “arm_L0_5_jnt” to be exact.

I had the same issue. The forum here does shrink gifs somehow.

can you check if the flip happens if you rotate all the character from the global control?
Is hard to tell without checking the rig.
But maybe the issue is the way that the blendshapes is connected. Not how it is trigger.
But just guessing :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t seem to happen then no. The blendshape connection to the driver is as basic as it can get too. I’m not opposed to sending the file if you’re willing to look into it.

When I use the arm pit roll it’s fixed but obviously the arm goes crazy then. Was wondering if I could change somewhere how far rolling affects the bones.

are you using the pose driver from maya? or just a Set driven key to z axis of the joint?

Set driven key for the Z axis. Not infinite. 1 blendshape from 0 to 90 and second one added on top from 90 to 150.

in general looks correct.
I think, maybe the joint that you are using as reference is rotating 50% of the forearm. so the trigger value is 45

I am sorry, I can’t help more by checking the rig, I am really busy lately. Maybe other person in the forum can check it :slight_smile:

Understandable. Thanks for taking your time even now. One last thing I wanna ask is if the tool has some sort of a built in system for manual ribbon controls for the limbs. I’ve seen the Spidey rig have it.

If I recall correctly the spider rig is using the freetangent components

I’ll look into it, thanks!