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A way to non-destructively fix incorrect ctrl rig rotations?

Hello, we have an animation of a man getting into a car that will be used in an Unreal game project. The character is facing the correct direction in world space, but our animator completed the animation while accidentally having a -180 Y Rotation on the world_ctrl (and the body_CO_ctrl), which breaks the transitions in engine. We want to know if MGear supports a simple way to adjust these rotations without requiring us to have to reanimate (Zero out the rotations without changing the animation or the direction he’s facing).

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Incidentally, while debugging this, I tried out mirroring and was getting unexpected results.

I selected ‘Mirror all below’, but some bones (like the root_CO_ctrl) don’t seem to do anything. Is that expected behavior/ is there a way to mirror that bone as well?