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About Maya 2022 support

Hey everyone!

Regarding the release of Maya 2022. While we do our best to answer questions and respond to bugs promptly in this community, now would be a great time to remind everyone, “mGear is free and open source, under MIT license. At this point we can’t guarantee any support.” Miquel, and the developers who contribute to mGear are busy working professionals too.

A new release, with bug fixes and compiled solvers for Maya 2022 will be coming as soon as it can. But please be patient, and make sure you don’t upgrade your productions too quickly, without thoroughly testing first!

Bug reports are always very welcome, but again, please be patient and please be careful! This is a big release with lots of changes. :wink:

Support for Python 3 will not be coming until later. It will be a much larger effort, and will be planned as mGear version 4.



i am more a hobbyist concerning scripting/programming…
is python 3 not 100% compatible with python 2, so mgear just can use python 3 as it is?
(dont know what dependencies has to be recompiled/rewritten to python 3 for mgear…maybe with 2to3 helps converting?)

Could we get a rough timeframe for mGear 4?

I mean super rough. “Like not in the next 5 month” . I just need to plan the pipeline for the next projects.

If I had to imagine that’s going to take quite a bit of time. Even without mGear shifting a lot of tools to python 3 is going to be a very slow process. I’d say a year minimum to rebuild everything to be comfortably compatible.

It is hard/risky to give any date. I would like to do it fast but it depends on how much time we have available.


Just testing mGear with Maya 2022 / Python2


I’d expect most Maya 2022 plugins to do initial releases with python2 and upgrade to python3 later on.

mGear 3.7.11 with initial support for Maya 2022 Win10 + python2 is available Releases · mgear-dev/mgear_dist · GitHub
NOTE: Linux and Mac OS are not supported