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Add Mannequin Snap template


Is it possible to add ‘Guide Template Sample’ for: Mannequin Snap to work similarly to the ‘Epic MetaHuman Snap’ in Shifter? Would be useful for matching to Unreal skeletons.


for the moment here is the snippet for the metahuman snap. Just need to replace the names to make it work with mannequin

def metahuman_snap():
    """Snap and configure metahuman guide to attach to metahuman _drv skeleton
    if pm.ls("root_drv"):
        spine = [[u'root_C0_root', u'root_drv'],
                 [u'body_C0_root', u'pelvis_drv'],
                 [u'spine_C0_spineBase', u'spine_01_drv'],
                 [u'spine_C0_tan0', u'spine_02_drv'],
                 [u'spine_C0_spineTop', u'spine_04_drv'],
                 [u'spine_C0_tan1', u'spine_03_drv'],
                 [u'spine_C0_chest', u'spine_05_drv']]
        leg = [[u'leg_L0_root', u'thigh_l_drv'],
               [u'leg_L0_knee', u'calf_l_drv'],
               [u'leg_L0_ankle', u'foot_l_drv'],
               [u'foot_L0_0_loc', u'ball_l_drv']]
        arm = [[u'clavicle_L0_root', u'clavicle_l_drv'],
               [u'clavicle_L0_tip', u'upperarm_l_drv'],
               [u'arm_L0_elbow', u'lowerarm_l_drv'],
               [u'arm_L0_wrist', u'hand_l_drv']]
        hand = [[u'index_metacarpal_L0_root', u'index_metacarpal_l_drv'],
                [u'middle_metacarpal_L0_root', u'middle_metacarpal_l_drv'],
                [u'ring_metacarpal_L0_root', u'ring_metacarpal_l_drv'],
                [u'pinky_metacarpal_L0_root', u'pinky_metacarpal_l_drv'],
                [u'thumb_L0_root', u'thumb_01_l_drv'],
                [u'thumb_L0_0_loc', u'thumb_02_l_drv'],
                [u'thumb_L0_1_loc', u'thumb_03_l_drv'],
                [u'index_L0_root', u'index_01_l_drv'],
                [u'index_L0_0_loc', u'index_02_l_drv'],
                [u'index_L0_1_loc', u'index_03_l_drv'],
                [u'middle_L0_root', u'middle_01_l_drv'],
                [u'middle_L0_0_loc', u'middle_02_l_drv'],
                [u'middle_L0_1_loc', u'middle_03_l_drv'],
                [u'ring_L0_root', u'ring_01_l_drv'],
                [u'ring_L0_0_loc', u'ring_02_l_drv'],
                [u'ring_L0_1_loc', u'ring_03_l_drv'],
                [u'pinky_L0_root', u'pinky_01_l_drv'],
                [u'pinky_L0_0_loc', u'pinky_02_l_drv'],
                [u'pinky_L0_1_loc', u'pinky_03_l_drv']]
        neck = [[u'neck_C0_root', u'neck_01_drv'],
                [u'neck_C0_neck', u'head_drv'],
                [u'neck_C0_tan0', u'neck_02_drv']]

        def match(a, b):
            a = pm.PyNode(a)
            b = pm.PyNode(b)
                space="world"), space="world")

        locs = spine + leg + arm + hand + neck
        for loc in locs:
                a = loc[0]
                b = loc[1]
                match(a, b)

                if "_l_" in b:
                    ar = a.replace("_L", "_R")
                    br = b.replace("_l_", "_r_")
                    match(ar, br)
            except pm.MayaNodeError:
                    "Can't match position for locator {}. Please check if "
                    "the node exist and the name is not duplicated.".format(a))

            pm.setAttr("guide.joint_name_rule", r"{description}{side}_drv")
        except pm.MayaAttributeError:
            pm.displayInfo("Please check joint Name Rule before build.")

        # set roll division to 0 on upper leg and upper arm for correct deform
        for side in "LR":
            for comp in ["arm", "leg"]:
                    pm.setAttr("{}_{}0_root.div0".format(comp, side), 0)
                except pm.MayaAttributeError:
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Thank you!

Editted the naming to remove’_drv’ but mirroring for R hand and R foot didn’t snap, but this will come in handy.