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Add objects to synoptic Select All

Hi everyone,
Simple question,
How do I add objects to the list of objects that get selected when I hit the select all button on the synoptic?

I’m using v3.0.4 of mgear so I’m talking about the synoptic that ships with that version.
many thanks,

normally you have to drop them to the controllers set, then you should be able to select them through synoptic.

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Hi Matt, sorry to be off-topic. I just wanted to let you know that in mGear 3.1.1, there was a change to the way gSkin and jSkin files are exported that can make the skinning files almost 90% smaller! That can save GBs of data if you have a lot of characters, or a lot of vertices.

So even if you aren’t ready to upgrade mGear, you might want to grab [MGEAR]/scripts/mgear/core/ from a later release. Nothing else really changed except the file sizes.

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