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Adding Joints to biped template?


Hi, is it possible to add extra joints to the existing biped template?

Mgear version:

Desired result:


check this functions (in the youtube channel should be some videos that talk about this functions)

Also, you can add it manually. mgear built rig is not special and can be modified after .


When you run “Add Joint” in the menu, it runs mgear.rigbits.addJnt(). This requires you select or specify an existing object, and then it connects the joint to that object.

I’m thinking that is not what Ross_Daniel meant, since the picture shows new joints in new positions.

As for adding it to the existing biped guide, why not just alter the guide and save your own as a template? The guides we’re using now on our project look nothing like the original template we started with. Is your actual question “how to save a guide as a template?”


Actually, the gimmick joints do exactly what I want but if there’s a way to get it done at the template stage then that would be even better. But how would I do it? What components should I use to get a result like in the photo where there are joints coming from the spine to the shirt.


Personally, I copied the Control_01 module, and called it “Hook_01” in my custom module folder. Then inside that custom module, I rename _ctl to _hook, and remove all control icons and remove the hooks from the control selection sets.

That way, it is just a joint, but I can still set up space switching, naming, etc.

Otherwise, the simplest way is just to use Control_01. Then you have a control you can animate or drive somehow. Does that help at all?


Honestly, It’s hard for me to visualize what you’re saying, since I only started with mgear like this week. My understanding of certain aspects of mgear is still limited e.g. what you mentioned about “custom module folder”.