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Additionally created elements that do not automatically follow the main rig

When creating an additional component in the form of a tube chain . when building the image and animation attempts are not built as a whole but as separate components. when attempting to move the main rig, the chain-tube rig does not follow the main rig. how can the additional components created be attached to the main rig? in the Host Setting indicated what to cling to.
how to add additional components to the main rig. to follow the main rig. (maya 2020.4 mGear 3.7.0)

can you share the guide to check it?

rig redid it . i don’t remember which of the templates i tried to apply, only the screenshot remains. you can tell ka to attach additional elements to the rig such as hoses chains that are part of the body ). and what templates can be suitable for this. and then as I understood not all templates can be combined with 2 leg rig.sorry for wasting your time) your)