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Anim Picker and Maya focus

Hey everyone,

I’m working with the Anim Picker, and the animators noticed that when using it, you lose focus on Maya. So for example, if you click on a button in the Anim Picker, and then hit “s” to key, it won’t work. They have to click back in the viewport before they can use standard hotkeys.

But in the Synoptic tool, you retain focus in Maya, and the hotkeys continue to work.

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Are there are any workarounds? Could the type of window be modified to be similar to the Synoptic?

The Synoptic is a pyqt.showDialog() window. Anim Picker seems to be a QtWidgets.QGraphicsView window? Maybe this type of window is necessary for the polygons to be drawn inside. But it’s a productivity loss for animators.

Any ideas? Thanks!

if is possible @Rafael can you check on that? :sweat_smile:

@chrislesage firstly I’m sorry this floated around for 3 days. I am sort of annoyed with the notifications I am getting, or lack thereof. I only got pinged because @Miquel @ me.

I will look into this. What platform are your animators on? And are they using docking with Maya at all?

The qgraphics view is very finicky but I am not immediately sure if that’s the issue.

We could also wrap the control selection in a function to pass focus back to Maya or ensure we aren’t eating any S hotkeys.

Just rambling off ideas on my commute to work. I will check into this when I can.

@Rafael No problem. I didn’t @ you.

The animators are on Windows. I tried docking by dragging the window around near dockable areas, but it didn’t seem to work. Maybe I’m missing something, or maybe it doesn’t work on Mac. My UI lock is turned off, so it isn’t that.

Anyway thanks if you do have a chance to look. I’ll eventually peek around too.

I had a chance to look it over this morning and the anim_picker UI was swallowing up keyPressEvents. I pushed a fix for this.

Hopefully, this works for everyone as intended. Thank you for pointing it out! @chrislesage


Hot diggity daffodil, it works! Thanks @Rafael! Animators should be most pleased with this one. I’d make that a prominent bullet point on the next release notes.

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