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Anim Picker - Can't edit picker buttons

mGear 3.7.11
maya 2022

Hi guys. Love your work.
I’m trying to figure out the Anim Picker. It looks pretty straight forward, open one add or copy buttons and reassign their targets. I can add buttons, but double click to open the options doesn’t work. My right click menu seems like it’s missing all the functions for assigning targets and editing buttons.
How do I edit the buttons if this is what I see?

Hey team!

I’m having the same issue. I’ve noticed the same problem in maya 2022. I’ve tested with maya 2020 and the same version of mGear 3.7.11 and it’s working. And I can’t move the controls in maya 2022.
neither. It is as if it is not detecting click on the control and the menu appears when you click on background.


Maya 2020.4

Maya 2022

There are two ways to achieve what you want.

  1. You need to focus the mouse focus on the corresponding item button, and then click the right mouse button, an option menu will appear, click on it to edit the target.
  2. Double-click the item button to pop up the corresponding editing window.

like this:

In addition, this link should help you. Have fun! :grinning:
How to create a rig manager from existing controls

This is a bug in Maya2022. Here is a ticket describing this issue. It should be resolved in mgear4 soon.

Anim_picker: Maya 2022 - Cannot move picker items #32

I haven’t tried to use anim_picker in maya2022, but if you want to experience the repaired version in advance, you need to download the corresponding anim_picker repository to replace the corresponding file that already exists locally, and it should work.

Hey @fury_Night , thanks for your answer!

Thanks for the explanation editing the picker but I think maybe it’s a bug in 2022 the edition of the controls too. Check the image below please. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again!

That bug you linked is a different issue.
If you look at the screenshots of mine and @Ignacio_Santalla you’ll see many of the options in the right click menu are missing.
We can’t click and move buttons.
Double clicking a picker button doesn’t open any window.

Bumping this.

I cannot edit the Anim Picker.

  • Double clicking a picker button doesn’t open the edit window.
  • Right click menu is missing many options I see in Miguel’s videos.
  • Can show shape handles, but not edit them.

Are you using the latest mgear version?
May I know your Maya version and OS?

No, I’m using:
mGear 3.7.11
maya 2022

And for the record: @Miquel - you’re the MAN! Thanks for all your hard work!!

Hello @alonza1 Can I ask you to try with the latest mGear version? There was many fixes for anim_picker since 3.7.11 :slight_smile: