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Anim Picker Hides selected controls when minimized

As I said in the description, whenever I have the anim picker open and hit the minimise button any controller curves I have selected have their visibility turned off in the shapes drawing override. It is only affecting curves that are affected by buttons in the anim picker but I was wondering if theres something im missing to keep the controllers visible when the picker is minimised.

I am using Maya 2022 and mGear 4.0.9


Strange. Does this happen with any picker? Does it happen if you have a fresh empty picker? Does it happen if you open the picker window, but have no picker loaded, and then minimize the picker window?

I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet.

Hi Chris sorry for the delay, after some tests It happens with any picker. I tried it with the template picker, selected some controllers and they turned invisible, and I also tried it with no picker selected, I just grabbed the world_ctl and minimised the picker and the ctrl vanished. For now I just have a shelf button to unhide the controllers but its just a bit odd for the animators, because they reproduce it on their end everytime hah.