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Anim Picker - Many bones cannot be selected

Hi, we’re having an issue in Anim Picker, where many bones are not selectable. This includes when you try to click on them, or use a selection box to pick multiple.

The above image is after clicking ‘Select ALL’. Any of the buttons without a white highlight can’t be clicked on (root ctrl, clavicle, fingers, etc). Is this a bug, or something we’re doing wrong with the tool?

This is using the MGear EPIC Metahuman Guide Template.

Maya 2023
MGear 4.0.9
Anim Picker 1.3.1

Thank you.

Is your rig compatible with the Picker? This isn’t a bug. You have to manage that.

If you just loaded the template/example Picker, it is basically designed to work with the default biped template. If you are using the Metahuman template, or modified the rig, then you have to edit the buttons to correspond to your own controllers.

The Picker is static. It can’t dynamically/magically guess what rig you are using. The templates are just examples to get you started.

But for the “Select ALL” button, the code that runs selects the “rig_controllers_grp” set members. Verify you have a set named that, and that your controllers are inside that. You might have to modify the button script, or change the set members.


Hi, thanks for the reply.

I misspoke earlier, we are using the MGear default Epic Mannequin Template (Not Metahuman) and not a custom rig/ modified. Since we’re using one of the Guide Templates, its expected that the Anim Picker would be compatible, no? Is there a Mannequin Anim Picker Template we could load in to get this functionality?

If not, it’d definitely be handy to have that support when using one of the ‘out of the box’ rig templates! ::

The sample template is based in the default biped.
We need to create more picker samples for the other templates.

NOTE: if anybody wants/can contribute in this area, it is very welcome :smiley: