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Anim Picker: New beta click passthrough feature

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a beta feature I have been working on.

The idea is that when you enable “Auto Opacity” button on the anim_picker, the ui becomes transparent but also allows you to interact with anything underneath/behind the UI.

This would allow you to interact with Maya, its viewports as if the UI were not there.
When you hold Shift and hover over the UI, it will then become interactive/visible.

Here is an example of it in action.

When the feature is enabled you will need to hold Shift + hover over the UI to get it to return to an interactive state.

Beware that the feature may not be production-ready and you may experience crashes. But that is a part of why we are testing.

To access this, you can head over to the development branch of the anim_picker repo. Also, make sure that you have the latest master of mgear_core. The deployment of this feature, while in development, is purposely a little TD friendly only.



This is very cool and works great. The only thing I’d say is the slight lag as the picker redraws after holding down the shift key is a bit annoying. :grinning:

Hey @craigb thank you for trying out the new feature.

Sorry about the delay you described, there has not been a significant efficiency pass/test on the QGraphicsView in sometime. So I am sure we could do with one.


Hey Rafael just seeing if this feature of anim picker is going to be put in the Mgear release .
I really like using it.

cheers Craig

Hello @craigb
Thanks for reminding us about this. I merged in the feature into the development branch and master. So when @Miquel gets back from his well-deserved vacation, hopefully, he can propagate the feature into the latest release.

Of course, you can grab it now as well, since its on master.


@Rafael I am here :wink:

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