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Anim Picker / Select All / Very Slow

Hello hardworking people :slight_smile:

Maya 2024
mGear 4.2.0
AnimPicker 1.3.2

I made four keyAll buttons (groups of all controls): arms, legs, spine, and face.
All controls are chosen quickly when I select these four keyAll buttons with one mouse sliding click.
When I select one per one (with shift or ctrl), I wait up to half a minute to execute the selection.

I tried DG and Parallel; the result is the same.

Does anyone have the same problem?


I’m a bit confused by this. What exactly is the picker button doing? If it’s a “keyAll”, then it should be running a script. If it’s running a script, you shouldn’t be able to “select” the button. It’s more like a button trigger.

If you are talking about selecting the controls, there is no reason for a script to select controls to set a key. You only need to specify the controls in the script.

If you have very slow performance when triggering the button:

  • Please show us the script. Post it here, and surround it with triple backticks to format it as code. It might be that you are scripting a nested loop that gets extremely heavy.
  • Do you have “echo all” turned on in your script editor? That could explain why a command might be going very slow.
  • DG vs. Parallel has to do with how the node graph evaluates. It doesn’t have anything to do with running scripts and commands. (That might not be 100% accurate. But the first thing to look at is your script, not your evaluation settings.)

# Put your code between backticks to show us

Hello @chrislesage

I made a video where I tried to show the problem I’m having.
The link has a short lifetime of only two days https://streamable.com/linlic

Unfortunately, I’m not experienced in code, and I don’t know what you asked me to hang :\
I’m just an ordinary animator who loves to use mGear :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

When you double click on a button to edit it, there are two main things you can do:

  1. Default Action - Select the collection of specified controllers.
  2. Custom Action - Run a script.

You said “keyAll” buttons, which sounds like it was executing a script to key the controllers.

But your video looks like it is just selecting controllers.

So short answer: I have no idea why it’s slow, sorry. Maybe it’s a new bug with Maya 2024 or AnimPicker 1.3.2.

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Sorry, I call him key all :
Yes, I use default buttons (key all) just for selecting controllers.
I tested the same process in May 2022 and it works absolutely in real time!
I have to come back with the animation in May 2022 and wait for it to come out in May 2025 :slight_smile: