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animPicker future development


Hi folks !

We’re using the anim_picker tool in production, it’s a great tool which was forked in mgear for few months. I was wondering if you guys have some plans to push this tool development a bit further.
Right now it’s a bit buggy and time consuming to make a complete picker. I was thinking about some features to integrate to make it more user friendly.
Or maybe we can expect a merge between synoptic and this one ?

I am really curious about future mgear development in general. Maybe we can find some updated info somewhere ?



Hello @Alexandre_Edde

There was indeed some ideas on officially integrating it into mGear’s releases and @Rafael did some work on it already but we haven’t finished everything that we wanted to cover. Maybe this year with luck (and time as always). For now feel free to use it from our repository and keep us posted if you see anything really strange going on.