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Animpicker profile pic

hello! Any idea why the profile pic is showing only half of it? I’m not using any different resolution for it, just the one in animpicker images



Which version of mGear and Maya? And what is the resolution of your monitor?

In mGear 3.6, I don’t see this, but in 3.7.9 I do see the same thing.

edit: In 3.6 it looked like this in SnapshotWidget(BackgroundWidget) in anim_picker/widgets/basic.py:


In 3.7.9 it was modified like this:


It seems this is the reason, but I don’t know the fix. The dpi scaling fixed some other offset bugs in high resolution monitors.

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@Rafael has been working to improve scaling compatibility in the latest version. Looks like it is a complex topic to make it work on all platforms

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@Milio Hey.

Scaling has been an issue across all the different versions and platforms. But I think here its just a fixed width & height. There has not been much request for displaying character thumbnail in the correct aspect ratio for the image. But I can definitely update it soon to show as much as possible for the space.

Let us know what version of anim_picker/mgear/maya you are using.


thank you guys!

I’m using mGear version: 3.7.11, picker 1.2.2 and 4k monitors 100% scale for interface scale.