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Apply mocap to mgear/metahuman rig?

So i have a metahuman with all the controls set from mgear. Now i will like to know how can i apply mocap to it.

I try following Rigging Capsule 004 - HumanIK & Mocap but when i get to the part of “Characterize Biped” i get an error.

I´m not in my work computer now to write here the error message.

I´m using the new mgear 4.0.0 in maya 2020.


The current tool only works with the default biped template.
I am planning to update it soon

That´s a much needed feature for me. It´s great to know that it will come soon. Thanks. :wink:

I have seen many of this questions about mocap and maybe I can help with it…

You can very easily characterise mGear (or any custom rig) using Maya Human IK. It works exactly as what you do with the skeleton, but picking up the control rig instead. Only “problem” is you need to unlock scale (y,z)for limbs and spine. You don’t need to rely in a tool or script for this, is literally 2 minutes setting up. You can even store the preset and load it up everytime you need to characterise your rig. Once characterised is done you can apply any mocap to it, baked it to the rig and do all sort of tweaks on top as usual dealing with mocap.

Hope it helps.



Thanks for sharing your insights, @Milio! I’ve been able to use Human IK to drive our mGear rigs without any issue.


Genial! Glad was useful! Cheers!

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Great, thanks for the info.