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Apply mocap to mgear rig?

Please tell me. On the video (Rigging Capsule 004 - HumanIK & Mocap - YouTube) I get to the moment where you need to press the button:
Characterize Biped

Throws an error like this:

Error: MayaNodeError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\core\general.py line 2443: Maya Node does not exist (or is not unique):: u’neck_C0_fk0_ctl’

And in the end it doesn’t bake (with “Bake Mocap Biped”)

I can’t attach a mockup

(test on maya 2020.4 and mGear 3.7.11 and 4.0.1)

I found the answer to the previous question.
Works with standard neck only.
I press “Characterize Biped”
Save the scene and open the scene again
Scale rig is thrown off

did you activated at less 1 time the control rig on humanIK before saving?

I found what was the matter. You need to press this button manually


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