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Arm_2jnt_01 component with Tangent Controls


Hi all,

I would like to have arm_2jnt_01 Setup but with the added Free Tangents controls off the arm_2jnt_freeTangents_01 component. I like the support joints around the elbow and also the tweak controls per joint for final tweaking, the only thing to would make it perfect for me are the aforementioned Tangent Controls. I started to look into creating my first own custom component by duplicating the arm_2jnt_01 component and looking into the FreeTangent Setup to see what parts to add to get the functionality. Now I don’t have experience in creating custom mGear components. but I was able to get the controls in and have them follow accordingly, but it looks like the two components use different operators for the rig functionality.

So my question would be: How possible is it to get this working the way I started? Or does maybe someone else solved a similar issue already?

Thanks for any help!



Hi Pascal,

I just have a suggestion. It might be easier to duplicate the arm_2jnt_freeTangents_01 component and add a per-joint tweaker, instead of the other way around. Then you don’t have to recreate all of the tangent control functionality.


Hi Chris,

thank you for your input! I was thinking the same but then I would also need to add the support joints on the elbow. Not sure what’s harder/easier to do! But I will give it a try nonetheless!