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Arm_2jnt_04 FK Hand mirror problem

Hi, I’m having some trouble with the right side hand of my rig. for some reason the controller seems to be scaled in the opposite direction despite working fine on the left side.

is it a bug? does it have a fix

Hello @brauliome

This isn’t something happening on our side. Can you please share your guides (you can send them as a private message if you want).

What version of Maya are you using and what version of mGear would be useful for us to be able to help you.


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Hello @Jerome, Thanks for replying

I’m using Maya 2019.2 and mGear 3.3.1.
But I do not konw how to send a private messagfe or how to share the guides. I’m new to the forum so I don’t know where to do that.


Will send you a private message so that you can reply to it.

Hello @brauliome

So after checking the guides the issue comes from the align writs to guides option on the guides of the right Arm. That been said the issues is just visually the controls shape doesn’t get mirrored correctly but the rig is build correctly.

I would recommend reshaping the control shape for the right writs IK and extracting the control so that future builds have their control drawn correctly.

I’ve logged this


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Hello @Jerome
Thats what I thought when i saw the issue but, I also discover that when you try to rotate the wrist the arm’s twist produces a candry wrap effect on that arm. So I dont know if thats a separte isuue or it is all part of the same problem


are you using arm_2jnt_04? correct? That component was modified by @Toke_Stuart_Jepsen

@Toke_Stuart_Jepsen did you found this issue before?

I have noticed the control shape issues before, but not the candy wrapper issue.

@brauliome are you able to share a scene?

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Hi @Toke_Stuart_Jepsen
Yes I can, but could you send me a private message so that I can send it there? please

I’m getting a candy wrapper effect as well. I think it is caused by enabling the “Align Wrist to Guide Orientation.” The problem seems to be fixed by flipping the orientation of the wrist guide so that the +x direction is facing back up along the arm, instead of +x facing out toward the hand.