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arm_2jnt_freeTangents_01 - right-side IK ctl orient issue


I’m having this issue where the right-side arm IK ctl is not well oriented. FK is fine.

This is a clean build of L-R components, no scripts, right side is mirrored from the left.

The joint orientation seems to be okay.

Weird thing, this is a rig that’s been up and running for a while and it didn’t happen before.

I’m using mGear 4.0.3.

Any clues?

Thanks! =)

Funny thing here…
If I use the script below to match the world position and orientation onto a locator, the locator is properly oriented.

import pymel.core as pm
oCtl = pm.PyNode('arm_R0_ik_ctl')
oLoc = pm.spaceLocator(n='tempLoc')
oLoc.setTranslation(oCtl.getTranslation(space='world'), space='world')
oLoc.setRotation(oCtl.getRotation(space='world'), space='world')

image image