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Arm Component Twist Issue

I am trying to build a quadruped character and arms are in a vertical position like a cat or dog.

When I position the component and build, I get 90 degree default value on arm IK controls.

Also something weird happens when I bend or twist the arm.

Sorry for the late reply. I can’t play the videos.
Can you share the guides? I would like to check it. Thanks

How can I share guides(sgt)?

for example with dropbox link or wetransfer link


I am clicking the download link in the page but is not doing anything :sweat:

So weird, I just tried and it downloaded the rar.

In any case, let me just post the issue here.

thanks for the video that is super useful.
I will research it. I wonder if is because is built vertically. Maybe is a bug
btw: I have tried again the link, and this time it worked :sweat_smile:

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That’s nice!

I don’t know if it helps but it’s acting weird when I bend my guides like this:

But it seems to be working when I position my guides like this:

I have open a ticket on github

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