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Arm/leg IK is not working



My character is a Monster. His leg is slightly angled and arm is in A pose. When I am building the rig, IK for both Arm and leg is not working.

I have shared the images. Please check.

Can you please let me know why is this happening?

Thanks and regards


Hello @Dhavan

Can you please check the script editor and see if you have the mgear solvers plugin been loaded correctly?



Hi Jerome Drese,

Thanks for your support.

MGear Plug-in is loaded. when I am building the rig with default mGear Biped guide, everything is working fine but if I modify the guide according to my characters Arm & Leg, the rig is building and FK is working fine but only IK has an issue. When I am moving IK control,only “leg_L0_upv_ctl” is moving side by side!!!

I have followed the same options from “Data Centric Rigging–guides placement”.

Please let me know, what to do?

Thanks for the help, cheers



Can you share a gif, or a video, or a rig file?

I’m having trouble understanding what the pictures are supposed to show.

In your first picture, it looks like the rig did not fully build properly?
In your last picture, it looks like a screenshot of a guide.


Hi chris,

thanks for the help.

I have shared the path for the rig guide file & also rig build file.

rig guide file path:

rig guide build file path:

please check and let me know,where i have done the mistake!!!

thanks and cheers,


Hi Dhavan,

The rig seems to be working fine. Do you maybe have “Preserve Children” turned on in your options?


Hi chris

yessss!!! I have turned on “preserve children” for adjusting the guide but forget to notice that,this option impact the rig behavior as well.

Big thanks for the help to identify my mistake!!! small mistakes really make a big thing to identify them!!!

thanks Jerome as well.