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Arm_ms_2jnt issues (and bug?)

Hi there, Miquel, Jerome, and every one else involved in the developing of the MGear tool.

Here at Barcelona, have begun using your tool.
We already have a template that includes arms done with the arm_ms_2jnt modules.
But I’ve just noticed two problems:

Firstly, I see there’s a separated arm_C1_blend attr and a arm_C1_blend_hand attr.
Well, Animators don’t like to have two different switch attributes for the arm. I’ve already coded a fix, but if there is a simpler solution for that, it could be nice.

And secondly: I just realized that the switch to ik/fk of the mgear viewport menu doesn’t work with this module. It just keeps delivering this error: # Error: AttributeError: file mGear\release\scripts\mgear\core\transform.py line 537: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getMatrix’

The thing is I cannot help using this module. Other than the problems I have found, its the one that best meets the requirements of the production…

Hello @noel and welcome to the forum viejo amigo!

So the issue comes from the fact that the Right Click menu is pretty new and we still have a lot to change in order to make switches in a more robust way. What I mean is that doing the switches/snap via the picker you can directly give it the controls involved on the switch but on the right click menu it tries to solve this himself by reading information on the HOST node and for now the information in there might not always be “switchable friendly”. In order to have it working you need to remove from the host arm component attribute the ROLL and DIV controls so you would end up with something like this:


Give it a try and let me know.


Hi, Jerome, Nice to meet you again, even if it is this remotely.
That was a quick answer.
Ok. I tried your solution. And it does indeed work.
Can the removal of elements in that attribute backfire in any way later on?
And also: can this change be done at guide stage? Or I need to do a postScript to automate it when the rig is built?

This can’t be done in the guide stage unfortunately (at least for now) so you will indeed need to handle this via the post script.

And yes, between @Miquel, @chrislesage and @Rafael plus the other rest of the forum crew I think we got almost all work hours covered around the world :smiley:

OK. Thanks, Jerome. Very helpful indeed.
See you around.

Sorry to activate this topic again.
Follow @Jerome’s prompts to change the UIhost attribute parameters of the arm_ms_2jnt component. In Maya2018.4 and mGear 3.7.9, ik/fk matching cannot be used.
Using viewport menu matching will cause Maya to hang up;
Using synoptic will prompt an error;
Using animpick will prompt an error.
bug video link:mGear 3.7.9 arm_ms_2jnt ik/fk bug - YouTube
Thanks in advance for any hints.