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Automatically parenting a bone when generating a rig


I was wondering what the procedure would be if I wanted to automatically have certain bones parented to others upon generation of the rig? Essentially, we would want the IK bones of the unreal rig template to automatically be children of the wrists and ankles.

Thanks for the help!

Well for the parenting, it’s as simple as parenting ik_hand_L0_root under the arm_L0_wrist guide before you build. Except that the ik_hand_L0_root is a space switch for the IK, so that would cause a dependency cycle.

If you don’t need it to be a space switch for the hand to follow, you could select the arm guide and go into the settings and remove ik_hand_L0_root from the list of space switches. That should resolve the cycle.

If you want it to be parented to the hand AND to also be a space switch for the hand… I don’t know.

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