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Backwards compatibility?

Hi all,
I know that the actual tools for mGear are not backwards compatible, but I’m wondering, as I’m still using 2016 at home, if it’s possible to generate a rig in the latest version of Maya and port backwards?
That’d be a huge help… or if there’s a way to get the toolset to work for Maya 2016 :slight_smile:
I’ll understand if it’s not possible, just wanted to check with more knowledgeable people.

Why not give it a try? You could just try to generate a quick Shifter biped template rig in 2022. And then see what errors or problems you get in 2016. I have a feeling there will be problems, since there have been changes to some of the attributes on the rig. Probably the IK/FK switching will fail.

There might also be trouble just opening a 2022 vanilla rig in 2016. But hard to say.

With a bit of scripting and elbow grease, you might be able to back-port any bug fixes and make it work.

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