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Bad auto weights with Eyebrow rigger

I get strange results with the eyebrow rigger.
I made sure the head is symmetrical and i weighted it only to the head joint for this test.
But i get still strange deformations. Is it my Topo?

On the original head its even worse. I get giant spikes.

Hello @oglu,
It seems like a skinning issue - please try to normalize your weights - I’m thinking out of my head, but maybe some of the weights are over 1.0.

We’re all checking progress of your rig and it seems a really cool project! Wonder if it wouldn’t be a better idea to stick with just one thread with issues you’re facing, so we can go one by one - most of the issues are not mGear related and it might create a bit of confusion.

This will give you also a good history of the project, it’s always useful for future you.
All the best,


Thanks Krzym for jumping in.
I will post the other issues im facing into the main Thread now.

Is there a way to upload a file here that is not an image?
I would like to upload this maya file here.

Here is an other video with similar issues.

The tool isn’t perfect and probably will need a revisit sometime :wink:
Re: files - I’d suggest using any cloud service your end, so the files are under control :slight_smile:
Re: settings: Static rig should be set to setup group - this is a group for all your static or extra setups.

If you provide the scene I can take a look, but there was one issue that caused wrong central joint generation, I’ve writen a post here: Brow Rigger Script not working

Let me know if that was it

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Here is the scene file.

I’ve checked your scene and everything seems good. The problem is indeed with the rigger it self - It seems as the joints are not generated correctly, you’re missing central part, even though curves are set correctly.

I do not have time right now to look for a solution, but this might help you:

Put it here:

Run it:

  • It’s the first version of the rigger, I do not include auto skinning, and importing json setup is only via script. But it is generating the correct joint order.

Miquel did a great job implementing that to facial rigger and fixed a few bugs that were there, so you might need to check the forum. At that stage I wasn’t able to do it myself, but might try to revisit the tool in the next few weeks as will need the script soon :slight_smile:

If you’ll decide to use the old version, you’ll need to apply the skinning yourself, which is my way to go usually (ngSkinTools will help you a lot).

Bugs I remember:
brow_R_in_tangent_npo <- you need to break TRS connection on that one.

Tried to record you a video, but it crashed while saving - so at least a few screen shots:

When I’ve built the rig, I have more central joints than you - will let you know as soon as I know the answer.


Thanks for digging into. The brow rigger is a great help even its not perfect yet!

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