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Bake spring issue



I’m using synoptic and baking the springs on a rig, I noticed that once the springs are baked- if I step backwards in the timeline, the springs aren’t playing backwards, as I would expect if they are properly baked out, the pair blend nodes appear to be set to read the incoming anim channels and I can see correct looking curves have been created, but the springs seem to ignore the cache and sim fresh anyways

our aim is to bake on 2’s and export alembics, but after a synoptic bake, selecting the objects in the ‘plot’ group and re-sampling their curves out to 2’s the objects rigged with springs are still simulating on 1’s and exporting as 1’s to the alembic, is there a way to switch to the baked channels that I’m missing ?

any thoughts much appreciated!

(btw amazing tools Miguel and co!)


you have to set the spring intensities to 0 after baking…
then it should work as expected…
but what i noticed is that when spring intensity is animated the baking does strange things…for that i modified the spring solver node so it has an extra attribute (an aktive one)…


oh wow, that was it
thank you soulcage!!