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Bake spring without the synoptic

Hi all,
I have a rig that has spring bones in it but no synioptic… how do I go about baking the springs? Is there a group I need to bake?

In newer versions of mgear this tool has been added outside of Synoptic. You can find it under mgear menu->rigbits->bake springs.


Thanks, Aerys! I did not know that!

You can also add the synoptic page to the rig without having to rebuild it. Just go to the rig top node, and you can find the list of synoptic pages that it’s associated with in one of its extra attributes inside ‘Attribute Editor’. I did it a couple of times for this particular reason.

Hi Iker.
So under extra attributes there is nothing in the synoptic field. You saying I should add baking in there?

For baking specifically, you should be good using @Aerys solution. But yes, this is where you would add the name. I just double checked to make sure, and as I soon as I add ‘control_list’ on the ‘synoptic’ field and refresh your synoptic window, you’ll see the new tab appear.


Unfortunately this doesn’t help me.
We are running an older version of mgear (v 3.04)
So the bake springs option doesn’t exist. And I have no idea what to type into the synoptic field to make the bake synoptic page appear.

Hi @MattL

I am afraid you will have to dig in the synoptic code to get an snippet :frowning: