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Baking Mgear for renderfarm



Im new to mgear. How do i use in on a renderfarm that does not supprt your plugin.
Will it work as is, ore do i have to bake all the Mgear animation?

And how do i bake all the Mgear animation? Select the deform joints and hit bake?
That simple? ore something else?



I think the best option is to bake the geometry to alembic (http://www.alembic.io/) But mGear doesn’t provide any special tool for that. You should research how to do it or talk with a pipeline TD



Thanks! i will try that to!

I tried baking to FBX. Got that rendered on the farm.
Im also waiting for them to innstall it on Ranchcomputing tomorrow. :slight_smile:
Gonna check that out and give the comunity a note if that works out. :slight_smile:

Again thanks! :slight_smile: