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Bezier Spine custom component!

Sorry for me not posting in a long time, it’s been a very rough and busy year.


Just a WIP, building a lot of custom modules for Shifter.

All comments, critiques, questions ect are welcome.

Completely custom spine written from scratch, custom shoulder and scapula.

I did some small edits to the leg and arm but nothing huge, just to accommodate the change i made in the IKFK2Bone.MLL. This is for my pipeline, it’s been a long learning process but im hoping to start dabbling in custom face rig modules here shortly.

I am working on a completely custom maya node to have a "Split knee 4 bone input instead of the traditional 3 bone (Hip, Knee, Ankle). I’ll post more about it once I have the prototype going, been busy with studio job so I’m only able to work on this during my weekends and evenings.

edit: I also forgot to post the gif, but the FK has forward and reverse controllers. here is a video explaining this in more depth. The video is old, i already went ahead and did volume preservation in both pin middle mode and full length mode.

I have some kinks to work out but things are going along smoothly so far. Hope all of you are well. Cheers!


nice work, this looks amazing!

The spine component looks great. Does it have an “auto-clavicle” functionality - rotate according to the IK controller position?

where can i donwload it for testing?

Thank you