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BindSkin to ProxySlicer


Happy New Year!

Does anyone use ProxySlicer in production? I encountered a small problem during use, as shown in the figure below.

I checked the file and found that the center pivot of each “_jnt_Proxy” group is not aligned with the corresponding bind joint center pivot.

Using ProxySlicerParenting does not have this error, but it will make every sliced object below the joint level, and the joint level is not so clean.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


@fury_Night I didn’t use this feature for years :stuck_out_tongue: I need to check. Maybe is a bug


Thank you for your prompt reply

It is mentioned that this situation does not happen every time. Some bindskin meshes are correct after cutting. It just happens in some cases. (Maybe my operation is not correct and I hope to get some suggestions.) At present I have no way to know the reason, sorry.

As for why the mesh turned green, I checked the material network, and the shader and shading group were not lost. After testing and reassigning the correct material, it will display normally.

I am using postScript to fix this error (center pivot).

> import maya.cmds as cmds
> skinJoints = []
> proxyMeshs ="*_Proxy_offset*")
> for skinJointName in proxyMeshs:
>     skinJoints.append(skinJointName.split("_Proxy")[0])
> for jnt in skinJoints:
>     piv = cmds.xform(jnt, q=True, ws=True, rp=True )
>     cmds.xform(jnt+"_Proxy", ws=True, piv=(piv[0], piv[1], piv[2]))