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BIP mascot rig/animation

Thanks to mgear for helping me get this guy up and running in record time!


Cool! Fun character and animation! I like that head-flipping transition.

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Just noticing that the spring chain on the antenna never rendered.

Any updated solutions for this?
I was checking out this thread but I’m not sure I understood the solution(I dont understand code)

Do you mean how it isn’t jiggling in the video?

The code in those posts just automates some of these steps, that you can do manually (but it depends why the problem is happening):

  1. Unlock and make all your skin joints keyable. Otherwise they won’t bake.
  2. Bake simulation (Edit → Keys → Bake Simulation) the translation and rotation on the joints.
  3. Turn off all the intensity on the spring chains, so they stop trying to simulate.

If the springs are being troublesome during rendering, that might make them stable.

Yes, sorry. the jiggle isn’t rendering.

Thanks Chris!