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Blink Blendshape editing

I would like to edit the Blendshapes that are setup by Mgear after building the eyes rig. Where can i find those blendshapes?

In my case its a non spherical eye and therefore the bulge around the eyes, when blinnking, is way to extreme…

Thank you

The eye blinks are driven by curves, so you’ll have to find those to access the blendshapes. Unfortunately, you can’t save blendshapes that are made for non-mesh objects, so you’ll have to re-edit it every time you rebuild the rig.

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What I have done in the past is use those curve blendshapes as drivers for mesh corrective shapes. The values of the final result curve blendshapes can be reliable ways to read if the blink is firing.

@actoratwork the blendshapes are on curves. And the curves carry aim constraints that rotate joints. So it is only suitable for spherical eyes. You can try the idea I explained above, but you’ll have to add some blendshapes for your mesh.

The other thing you could attempt - this is something I have done - is have a nurbs sphere and a non-uniform scaled nurbs sphere that matches your geo.

On the sphere, measure the joints pointOnSurface. Then drive the result UV on to the scaled sphere, and drive some custom joints so they follow that contour.

Another hacky idea. Scale down your mesh until the eyes are spherical. Setup the eyes. Blink the eyes to 0.5 and 1.0 and duplicate the meshes. Then delete the eye rig, scale up all your duplicate meshes back to 1,1,1 and use those as blendshapes instead of an eye rig.

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Thank you so much for the great ideas Chris.